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Express Disposal’s goal is to provide a variety of waste management solutions with excellent customer service.  Our waste services include roll-off dumpsters, portable restrooms, residential and commercial municipal solid waste disposal, and residential yard waste pick-up.  We also offer storage container rentals for your construction job site needs.  We are currently offering all of our waste solutions in the Southwest Georgia area.

What People Are Saying.

“The rumor is true! I read it in the paper.
Concrete Enterprises has come to the WestSide of Albany. I have handicap issues and had to have a Dr’s letter to get my can moved from the all to my back door with the City. No questions asked, my new can was put at my backdoor and trash is picked up weekly and on time. Imagine a bright new can with a chip to let the company know if something happens to the can. A happy

Barbara Akridge
"I want to tell you that your garbage crew saved my life the other day. I was walking to the mailbox, fell and hit my head. All three of the men in the truck jumped out to help me. One man helped me up off the ground, the next went knocked on the front door to get my husband for help, while the next one called the ambulance. The crew was running earlier than usual that day and if not for them I do not know what would’ve happened, the kindness that they showed was amazing. They stayed there right by my side until the ambulance was there to take care of me."
Margaret Brannen

“People call and complain, but this is written to thank you for your great service on Oct 19 and 20. Pick up on Oct 19 was done as a favor, but yard trash was also picked up and the area was left in wonderful shape…the best ever. For that I thank you. It was never done before. Please take the crew out and buy them all a beer. Thank you – Good service is worth mentioning.”

Tom Fenton

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