Portable Toilets

Sanitation Solutions For Your Business

Experience exceptional cleanliness with our meticulously maintained and sanitized portable toilets and handwashing stations, ensuring comfort and hygiene. Versatile for any event or project, our reliable delivery and pickup services guarantee seamless operations. With years of experience in waste management and sanitation services, Express Disposal has the expertise to guide you through selecting the right number and type of units for every event and project.

Our Portable Toilet and Handwash Station Services Include:

Standard Portable Toilets

Practical and functional, our standard portable toilets offer the basic necessities for a clean and comfortable experience.

Handicap-Accessible Units

Inclusive and ADA-compliant, these units ensure that all guests or workers can access the facilities comfortably.

Portable Handwash Stations

Complementing our portable toilets, our handwash stations encourage proper hand hygiene, offering running water and soap for a thorough and sanitary handwashing experience.

Ideal For Job Sites,  Events and Agriculture Operations.

At Express Disposal, we value teamwork and collaboration. If you’re planning a group event or project that requires multiple portable toilets and hand wash stations, inquire with us early on scheduling to make sure you are covered. 

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