Waste Solutions For Your Business

We are dedicated to providing commercial waste services so that you can keep focusing on your business. Express Disposal offers a variety of sizes and multiple service days that can meet your commercial waste needs. Call us today to create your customized commercial garbage service. 

Stationary Compactor

  • Typical Sizes: 2-yard compactor used with 30-40-yard dumpsters
  • Capacity: Up to 720 standard trash bags
  • Ideal For:  Dry waste such as paper, cardboard and plastic waste; Retail, department stores and warehouses

Self-Contained Compactor

  • Typical Sizes: 30-, 34- and 35-yard compactors
  • Capacity: Up to 720 standard trash bags
  • Ideal For: Wet waste, food processing, medical; Grocery stores, restaurants, malls, hospitals and stadiums

Vertical Compactor

  • Typical Sizes: 3- to 8-yard compactor
  • Capacity: Up to 144 standard trash bags
  • Ideal For:  Wet and dry waste; Lower waste producing businesses where space is an issue, such as fast food restaurants. 

Pre-Crusher Compactor

  • Typical Sizes: 4- to 7-yard compactors
  • Ideal For: Pallets, furniture, drums; Industrial applications, manufacturers, ect. 
Pick the Dumpster That is Best for Your Business

4 Yards

  • Midsize restaurants and companies up to 100 employees

6 Yards

  • Midsize to large companies with up to 250 employees

8 Yards

  • Best for large businesses with up to 500 employees
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